Do you want to realize a successful business project – to build a recreation center, but still you can not come up with the idea, style and choose the material for the construction of buildings? that projects of houses for recreation centers We meet all the requirements and satisfy the needs of future customers, you must first put yourself in the place of any visitor recreation center.

Man going with friends or family to relax in nature, enjoy fresh air, a dip in the pool and at the same time wish to experience the full sensation of comfort. What do you think, what he expects, came from the dusty bustle of the city?

Firstly, he would like to change the situation on the natural location, where he will be nothing to remind of city life. therefore, to all the buildings in the territory in harmony with the natural landscape, better to choose a proven and noble material - wood.

To ensure comfortable conditions, you must have all the benefits of civilization: elaborate water supply system, sewerage, heating (in the case of possible use of the base in winter), as well as equipment, air-conditioned living rooms, TV, kitchen appliances and other machinery. Studio "Insight" is an expert in the creation of comfortable facilities, which will be an excellent spot for people, those wishing to relax in nature.

The project of the brick house with panoramic windows

Features planning of wooden houses for recreation

One of the primary tasks to create a comfortable resting place in nature - it is competent planning of residential and office premises in territory. Wooden houses for recreation They must be located at a short distance from each other. If the area allows, between them can be equipped with gazebos, playgrounds and other places of entertainment. What is important to consider when planning structures at the camp site?

  • The main administrative building must be located at the entrance to the territory, or at least in the center.
  • Positioning guest houses should be based on the finding of the main places of entertainment: beach, general food restaurants, arbors for barbecue etc. Relevant to the creation of a central road-paths branching, leading to each bungalow. Coming out of the house, the visitor should not overcome 80% territory, to get to the restaurant, private gazebo for the barbecue or beach.
  • For the construction of the priority is to use eco-friendly materials, having high insulation properties. Wooden houses for camp sites best suited for use in the forest area.
  • Availability of a balcony or terrace will significantly increase the functionality of premises.
  • house must “breathe”. Therefore, you should ensure that it is the most elaborate ventilation system, so that no mold, but inside was optimum ventilation.

Types of wooden houses for recreation

Planners wooden houses projects for recreation can be single-storey or multi-storey, designed for single-family or multiple. Bars very simple stuff, which is easy to install and allows you to create different architectural image of the building. these options can be found in its visual concept:

  • Simple cottages, cabins.
  • A more advanced version of the presence of the roof terrace. You can display it in the form of an L-shaped structure, or to make a symmetric, along the entire length.
  • Very popular at home with a mansard roof, where you can build additional residential second floor.
  • Simple multi-level housing, where there is a common hall with a branch for individual rooms.
  • Number of rooms, availability of kitchens and bathrooms is selected on the basis of the allocated budget, the target audience of tourists and mortgaged the future cost of living in such a house.
  • The cottage project could lay the balcony, placing it along the entire length of the building or only certain parts.

Studio specialists "Insight" will be able to implement any projects of timber houses for recreation. We will work out an optimal model for the future of the cottage, based on the wishes of the customer.

House tech sketch

design, house style

When choosing a design house for recreation make better use of minimalism and maximum approach to nature. This approach will allow to fully relax resting person and enjoy the atmosphere of unity with nature. Studio "Insight" to realize any idea an interior. What we can recommend to create an original design, that does not destroy the integrity of harmony with nature:

  • The walls inside the houses can be left in the tree, preliminary treatment and revealing the fresh paint pine boards. If there are floors perfect arrangement of wooden stairs at home.
  • If you want a European concept, You can perform interior decoration - paint the walls, add stucco, apply a decorative plaster, wall panels of wood, etc..
  • If the hostel is designed for visitors in winter, the perfect solution would be to install a fireplace in the house.
  • As a floor covering is suitable for living rooms or laminate flooring. If there is a kitchen and a bathroom in the priority would be to use a tile.
  • When planning the design of the interior important to use simple shapes, functional wooden furniture, to equip the room enough light, use quiet pastel shades.

Mastery of the construction of the ideal home "Insight"

Want to, to your recreation stood out among the other? Then the studio "Insight" and - this is your breath of fresh air. To realize any construction project, we need a clear work plan with well-designed visual 3d-model for the future of the cottage, as well as constant monitoring of all activities at any stage of construction.

Why choose it "Insight"? Because we are breaking all the stereotypes, We are not afraid to experiment to get the result, surpassed all expectations of the customer. On any client question, we offer a robust and future-proof solution.

For example, many people are afraid to leave the wooden interior walls due to the presence of dark tint, in contrast to the classic wall light. Let's look at it from the other side, why not add a room panoramic windows with light light curtains and roller blinds? The result of such a decision - a bright room and the opportunity to admire the beauty of green forests and snow-covered meadow directly inside the guesthouse. And how romantic sunrises and sunsets can be found near such a window with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

view, any ideas we will be able to transform into a unique idea, taking into account all your wishes. to understand, what kind wooden house for recreation Would you like to see on its territory, You can view the portfolio of work online and be inspired by ideas, and we have already prompt, how to implement his plan in life.

Studio "Insight" offers a comprehensive range of services: from the exit to assess sites and drawing up the construction project to select the furniture arrangement constructed cottage. So in the end you get a fully realized object, ready for further use as a new and welcoming recreation.