Prices for architecture design and construction

Preliminary design

If you start to architectural design, the first stage will be the preliminary design. It is this stage is crucial in creating the right image. During this period, determined by such important parameters, like style, view of the future premises, dimensions, outlines, space planning, zoning, trim. The project itself - a list of drawings, which allow you to see a complete picture, construction output. Without it is impossible to obtain approval to the regulatory authorities.

The project will

The list of documents is standard:

  • explanations, General information in the form of notes;
  • master plan;
  • each floor scheme;
  • facade;
  • architecture incision;
  • roof scheme (roof);
  • 3d visualization (from every angle, in certain cases - fragmentary).

The preliminary cost of works – 390 rub. m2

Architectural project

In the process of creating an architectural project received major decisions, which correspond to the client's wishes, as well as take into account the regulatory requirements (security, health, environmental services), economic, technical and functional solutions and construction conditions. It consists of:

  • overview, explanations;
  • general plan;
  • floors scheme;
  • facades;
  • 3d visualization with each angle and fragments;
  • sectional view;
  • Roofing plan;
  • marking;
  • sheet finishing outside of the building;
  • construction of indicators;
  • floor explication;
  • jumper;
  • doors and windows;
  • calculation of materials for construction work;
  • ventilation and risers;
  • other details.

The amount of payment for such services is 590 rub. m2

Architectural and construction project

This project is composed of two equal parts (solution architecture and designs). Decisions on general construction stated in the architectural plan. Constructive plan includes:

  • calculation abilities bearing partitions;
  • detailed circuit of each structural element;
  • detailed specifications and circuit node.

This list is only approximate, as it depends on the particular type of structure, for which a draft.

Such services comprise 990 rub. m. quarter.

All prices are given for information and are not final, because the price depends on the project itself. The main role is played not by the size of the object, and the complexity of designs. Each situation is dealt with separately and individually. When it comes to the standard design, you can count on lower rates.

More detailed information on the cost you can find out by phone. Call us - we will answer all your questions and calculate the cost of future work!

Construction of 9 990 rub. m2

Prices for interior design and architecture, construction and repair

Creation of the interior design of the 990 rub. m2

Departure of the expert on the design of an object 2 990 rubles

Personal meeting - an excellent result for the customer. Only when he saw the object independently and discussed with the client project, the designer can get the maximum amount of information. In this work it is important to absolutely everything, and even the huge role played by such things, which may seem insignificant at first glance,: hobby, hobbies, Guest visits, residents, desired furniture. It was at this point and is determined by the style of the future project. If you place an order, the amount will be included in the final price.

tonnage plan

The first information, need to get started - tonnage plan. Only by having accurate data on premises, projecting structures, windows and other openings can be an accurate model. At this stage, are taken into account and communication space.

Planning placement of interior items and technology

At this stage, the active work of the designer begins. Fulfilling the terms of reference standards, adding flavor and ergonomic standards, Layout is made of furniture and equipment. Extensive experience allows the most efficient to allocate different areas and make a harmonious combination. Top view allows you to evaluate the functionality of the free zones and.

Working documentation for builders

For effective work compiled the most complete set of documents. This is mainly drawings (plans) for the actual work on repair:

  1. Dismantling of non-load bearing walls, designs, communications.
  2. The newly created partitions with doorways.
  3. accommodation floors (the size and type of coverage).
  4. Placing warm floors (including heating, regulator).
  5. Distribution and location of sanitary ware, and vodorozetok.
  6. The type and material for ceilings, dimensions.
  7. Placing lighting and appliances.
  8. Placing switches, Binding to devices.
  9. Driving electricians.
  10. Tile Walls (dimensions, quantity). drawings (reamers) may be somewhat, depending on the complexity.
  11. choice of doors, ducts.
  12. Statement of finishing works.
  13. Driving finishing works.

sweep the walls

Each room has a wall in your drawing, which shall include decisions on decorating, materials for finishing, notes. Scan demonstrates the consistency and compatibility of elements, including ceiling and floor coatings. Properly designed scanning significantly reduces the problems with builders.

3D visualization

It represents one of the main elements, allowing a visual assessment of a complete picture. color photos, created with the help of computer graphics, allow at an early stage to see the finished work, and if necessary, modify and finalize the draft.

Field supervision is paid by 2 990 rubles

Provides departure of the designer to solve the problem issues and provide advice on all matters.

Bulk projects have a preferential rate.

In the object with the area above 100 quarter. m. you get a discount 5%.

In the object with the area above 150 quarter. m. you get a discount 10%.

In the object with the area above 200 quarter. m. you get a discount 15%.

If the area exceeds a specified amount of, the cost of services is discussed individually.

repair of 5 990 rub.2 by half.