General design of buildings and structures

The process of implementation of modern construction is not possible without a general design. This is one of the most important parts, without which it is impossible to do.

General design - it set of service, including a list of works and activities.

What is included in the concept described?

  • The accumulation and handling of starting materials, received from the customer.
  • Development of the documentation of the complex, confirming the advisability and feasibility of the project, revealing its essence.
  • Recognition of the project in institutions.
  • Monitoring of the implementation of all the work in accordance with the approved operational documentation.

General designer - company, organize and carry out the points of agreement the design of objects and complexes, and in addition, is coordinating work during the whole course of the construction of master plan design.

General design of buildings and structures
Key responsibilities of the general contractor:

  • drafting tasks for the design and selection of locations for building;
  • agreement on general planning (agreement with the size of the client, phases and the cost of work);
  • preparatory work and approval of the project in special organs;
  • definition of the primary objective and its attendant problems of subcontractors, are engaged in inspection carrier construction elements;
  • Active in the elimination of the problem encountered, together with the received sub-contractors;
  • Early issues, arising from the subcontractor in the design process;
  • full monitoring of the progress of work;
  • guarantee for the safety of, efficiency and environmental friendliness of the work done;
  • enter the building in operation.

Duties and powers of the general designer is fully described in the contract.

Directions General Designer

industry objects projecting

The building dates to the mentioned industrial and agricultural purpose objects, administrative and ancillary works building, enterprises processing raw materials by machine, warehouse complexes, agricultural buildings, thermal and nuclear power, other.

With regard to the specific features of the design of industrial facilities, they are determined by the purpose and the specific features of the object, in particular, we are talking about the complexity of technological processes, the availability and use of technical equipment, eg, special types of vehicles, as well as the need to ensure the safest possible working conditions at the facility. That is why, working on a specific project, must first delve into the essence of the object assigned to the industrial problems.

General design of buildings and structures

Design of energy facilities

For energy installations include any infrastructure elements, related to afford, transmission and distribution of electric energy.

Design a variety of objects in this area, such as the:

  • power Plants;
  • plurality of devices for generating steam or hot water;
  • a set of elements and buildings, intended to supply water of various buildings;
  • equipment package, networks and facilities for the reception, cleaning and removal of settlements beyond the wastewater;
  • piping system, which are transported and distributed between consumers coolants;
  • thermal power plants;
  • and a plurality of industrial units tehprotsessov, producing energy;
  • gas-fired power plant;
  • other.

Civil engineering

General design of buildings and structures

The following buildings are designed in this direction:

  • shopping malls, buildings for public use, athletic facilities, health facilities, system for pumping fluids from one place to another, special constructions, intended for cleaning waste water from contaminants contained therein, other;
  • Residential type building facilities, components and provides the basis of functioning of the entire complex;
  • facilities for maintenance of road on the way (motels, gas stations, medicaid, other).

Designing of engineering networks and communications.

It contains the implementation of the technical documentation, which is used in the construction and exploitation of engineering systems. It is performed during new construction or upgrading of existing facilities. The main purpose - a guarantee of a speedy commissioned and subsequent trouble-free service of technical equipment.

Complex designing of buildings and structures.

Integrated design - multifunctional and simultaneously a common method, containing structural design and artistic. As a result, the integrated building design turns the finished project, which are organically fit into any human functioning environment.

Complex engineering design.

By this is meant the direction of the general designer of the work at a professional level, to create all the required utilities for a comfortable use of the building. Through an integrated approach project processes are organized in the shortest possible time frame, built a variety of communication on the subject, that allows you to quickly transfer the building to further exploitation.

complex architectural design

This term refers to creating building projects, taking into account the decisions of the general plan and suggestions for building. Architectural decisions are coordinated with government agencies Architecture and Urban Planning. Performed in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Integrated building design

At the complex building design using all directions, important in the construction of: doodling, architectural, engineering, design.

Project, which involves in the process of its implementation or construction, or reconstruction of buildings and structures, I have to be designed properly.

General design of buildings and structures

Working documents - a set of key drawings for all types of work (installation and construction) required for the construction of the object.

The list of topics in that category:

  • Drawings for the Works;
  • Specification for materials, used to build, repair and restoration facility;
  • drafts documents, which define the initial design of non-standard products;
  • estimates;
  • another package, agreed normative standards of organizational and methodical documents.

design documentation for the construction or repair of the object is a mandatory register of documents. Their role is in the full disclosure of the purposes of the project and its essence.

Scroll sections at this categories:

  • basic information about the object, which prepared the project documentation (explanatory note);
  • layout drawing of all existing or still under construction on the land and Communications;
  • architectural solutions;
  • space-planning and design solutions;
  • data on the aggregate of property objects, which are used in the electro-, warmly-, gazo-, water supply and sanitation;
  • to establish a plan of construction facilities;
  • Planning for dismantling of buildings or their fragments;
  • action list, which aim to limit the negative impact of human activities on the environment;
  • action list, aimed to support fire safety;
  • list of actions to enable access for people with disabilities;
  • energy efficiency of equipment and energy metering devices;
  • the number of physical records, human and machine resources to build, as well as their estimated cost;
  • other Forums, described by federal laws.

General design of buildings and structures

Stages of designing buildings and structures

  1. “Pre-work”

This stage is prepared for challenging buildings in the architectural plan. For example, for buildings with individual specific claims to the appearance, which displays its purpose and content.

  1. “Preliminary design”

Based on the basis of the project tasks and initial information. Painstaking and elaborate the basic planning, visual and functional characteristics of the projected construction.

  1. “Project”

The most laborious phase. According to the documents obtained the right to conduct construction work, and among other things the future costs calculated.

  1. “working draft”

documentation kit, regulating construction and installation work. Finalized all the details of the project, compiled figures, estimated protocols, and other documents, over which the contractor progress control.

  1. “Working documents”

While the stage "Project" is subject to approval levels and expert assessment, described phase - is the performance of the work required by all workers and specialists, appearing in the construction process. The most severe and difficult phase. determined by the, that here we are working on detailed drawings in large volumes. Also, with the consent of the customer documentation can be supplemented by other persons, having access to the project.

  1. “Design Project”

Works on the decoration of the interior space and appearance of the building in accordance with the functional purpose and the chosen style direction.

The cost of designing a master plan

High quality and rapid implementation of design works are prioritized for each customer, however, the importance of a fair price is also quite high. Determination of the cost of design - the main element of the pre-work. In estimating the parameters have the meaning described below:

  • construction purpose (for offices, warehouses, social or residential facilities use different calculation indices price per square meter);
  • particular object (the complexity of the forms, the type of construction, building area, number of storeys);
  • the complexity of engineering networks.

General design of buildings and structures - task, quality solution which requires strictly observe the set of rules and requirements. General Design Services, Make Pro, according to the established rules in the construction industry, perform security pledge, reliability and durability of the object.

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General design of buildings and structures

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