Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction

Prices for architecture design

Draft project on 390 g. / m2
The architectural design of the 590 g. / m2
Architectural and construction project of 990 g. / m2
Check out the designer on the object of 2 990 p. (When ordering the project, the payment is included in the total price.)
Field supervision of 2 990 p. for check

design architecture

If you have a vacation home, cottage or portion, and you would like to, to his appearance matched to modern concepts of beauty and style, you just need the help of professionals.

Why is it important to address to experts

Proper architecture - is the key to the aesthetics of your property. It includes two areas:
• Landscaping;
• Exterior Design.
Deciding to start on the construction site, use the services of competent professionals. Masters will take into account the necessary characteristics in accordance with the prescribed norms, and your home is not only beautiful, but reliable. note: facade design - is not only a first impression, it opens the way to the interior, which should be in harmony with the general idea. Turning to the judge of "INSIGHT" the result will exceed your expectations, and on the interior design Price in St. Petersburg will be available, and the cost of the work you will be able to know in advance.

House tech facade

Tech house i2

House project from a bar

country house project

Architecture design of a country house and a fence

fence project

3d architecture model bathConstruction bath from a bar Construction bath swallowtail

Draft bath complex

porch design


the concept of a country house

Vacation home

working complex, respect deadlines

You are not already familiar, such as the modern trends: high-tech, minimalism, constructionism, postmodernism? Our team will perfectly fit your thoughts in the latest trends. you will be surprised, as a country house will look spectacular, cottage, shopping mall or business center! qualified architects work in the state of our company, which after examining the object and assessing the amount of work, develop a design project, taking into account the wishes of customers. Besides, In our work we always comply with all regulations and requirements.
During the design phase, our team will create a three-dimensional computer model, and before the start of the work you will appreciate the design, and supervision will allow to precisely follow the guidance of the architect, without losing the original idea.

How to make an order

Especially for you we have assembled the best team of professionals, which employs architects and designers, builders and managers. Each of the stages of the tasks entrusted to us will be implemented within a predetermined timeframe. Complex of our services includes:
• Development of the project;
• visualization;
• Control and supervision of works.
Leave application to the online mode, or call, listed on the site - we will answer all your questions and help you place your order.