Interior design and repair

Interior design and repair

Prices for interior design

The interior design of the 990 g. / m2
Check out the designer on the object of 2 990 p. (When ordering the project, the payment is included in the total price.)
Field supervision of 2 990 p. for check
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Interior Design

Repair - a long and laborious exercise, whose main goal - to transform the room, making it not only beautiful, but the maximum practical and functional. And in order to achieve excellent results, it is very important to understand, They are different than one another in the interior design styles, how to choose the appropriate, and most importantly - it is necessary to turn to professionals, who will be able to properly and efficiently implement its plans. Such specialists are working for you in the interior "INSIGHT" design studio.

What we offer our clients

Not everyone is able to realize their ideas: fragmentary thoughts, mix completely opposite things ... Only a professional can properly optimize space, identify areas and combine different styles. We create unique designs with more apartments 2008 of the year, constantly improve their skills and offer our customers only the best solutions.
Turning to the company "INSIGHT", work will be done efficiently and on time. We also provide you with a modern interior design: high-tech, minimalism, Deco, pop-art, postmodernism. We work with both private residential real estate (We develop the interior design of apartments - studios, studio, BR, BRS, houses, cottage), and commercially (Cafe, restaurants, business centers, shopping malls). Each of our work is aimed at optimizing space. Any of the projects developed by us is designed to combine the beauty of, convenience and practicality.

Collaboration - the way to success

Interior design apartments, which would take into account all the wishes of the customer, and does not contradict the generally accepted norms and safety - a laborious process, especially, if you will be affected by load-bearing structures. It is necessary to develop the project, undergo approval procedures, prepare working papers for builders, etc.. All these works are ready to take over the company "INSIGHT".
We do not just prepare drawings, but also offer supervision. Only with us you will be sure, conceived that get results. As a result, the designer of departure to resolve disputes and provides additional consulting offers. We also provide you with interior design, Photo give at an early stage: Modeling in 3D allow even before the start of work to evaluate the proposed project.

Choose quality!

Contact - we will help you fulfill the dream! Kitchen interier, living room, bathroom, Children's, bedroom or commercial real estate will be fashionable, modern and at the same time practical. We offer the best result, and guarantee an optimal combination of quality interior design and prices in g. St. Petersburg!

apartment bedroom interior design of high-tech

Interior of apartment

Kitchen interior design

Interior design of the apartment at the Opticians

Interior design of the apartment on the optics kitchen

Interior design of the apartment on the optics kitchen

stairs interior design country house tech sketch

Tech house i2

living room with fireplace in the bath

Draft bath complex

Modern interior of the cottage

country house project

porch design porch design


country house stairs sketch

Vacation home

apartment renovation on the interior design of the project Children apartment renovation on the interior design project of kitchen apartment renovation on the interior design project of kitchen apartment renovation on the interior design project hall hall

renovated apartment on the interior design project