Country house irregular shape

price: from 50 000p. time: from 10 days

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Country house irregular shape

Modern people are used to living in big cities, to live in a confined space high-rise buildings, which is surrounded on all sides by neighbors. But it is only natural, that the dream of many - building his own, stand apart from all the house. And the house should not be like everyone else: not a standard townhouse for two families or a typical cottage, exactly copied from one of these at the next street. Country house irregular shape - here's the perfect choice.

Why is the standard solution - not always good? It's very simple - typical projects can not take into account all the preferences of its future owner. only non-standard architectural design may at 100% comply with the wishes of the future owner of the house. It is a non-standard form will be able to combine all the ideas of the owner and at the same time to fully express his personality.

Independent design - victory or failure?

"Make your own hands - the best solution", – it thinks the majority of the planning of the house. But in most cases this view is wrong to. In order to build a house, and even more irregular shape, not enough to be a builder. Even the exact knowledge of construction technology does not help to create the right architectural project. And vice versa, graduated designer is unlikely to be of great help when pouring the foundation.

It is therefore necessary order the development of non-standard forms of a country house the professionals. In this issue you will help the agency "Insight", which possesses all the necessary for best results:

  1. full staff. For each stage will meet others specialists, involved in specific work. The architect will design concept structure, mason - poured foundation, mason - raising walls, roofer will roof.
  2. Experience. Engaged in construction of houses every day of the year, specialists of the company not only to be able to realize all the dreams of the customer into reality, but it will make it easier and cheaper.
  3. Speed. Drawing on a wealth of experience, each phase will be carried out exactly on time.
  4. Quality. We are confident in our specialists, therefore, guarantee - quality finished house will be at the highest level!

What a country house to choose irregular shape

options country irregularly shaped house lots of. Most of them depend on:

  • section shape and dimensions;
  • topography;
  • fancy designer.

plot Dimensions, first of all, affect the future size of the house. The elongated portion becomes serious limitation when creating sketch. square section, in front of, It will realize the majority of pans.

Relief of the site may also limit the choice of scenario construction of an ordinary house. But in this case, you can order the vacation home of irregular shape very interesting species. For example, if the terrain is mountainous, it is possible to design and build a cozy nest on the cliff. And vice versa, Country house in a cleft will look very colorful. Even the ponds will not interfere with the construction of the house, but only organically fit into the exterior.

Regardless of, with which land you are dealing, come to the aid of experience and imaginative designer, creating a unique design country irregularly shaped house, which the owner can rightfully be proud of.

Several innovative ideas

When designing the house, we create 3d model, who helps you see exactly the final result. It is fashionable to build a custom home chopped form with a large abundance of glass and metal. We can design a home for you cubical, pyramidal, spherical shape.

How we are working

The first stage of building a country house - creating a project in St. Petersburg. For this, discussed with the customer all the possible options, approved by highlights. After that, the architect creates irregularly shaped house project, but architectural visualization project in the computer program is able to demonstrate to the customer, how it will be the result.

The house project is tailored patch form, topography, depth of groundwater, the composition of the soil and all the necessary factors for its successful construction and maximum service life.

After approval of the project to the customer need to approve the selection of materials for the building and facing the house, sketch, windows and doors, absolutely all the details, which later will be very important.

In the next step into the act professional builders. They pour a suitable foundation, erecting walls, overlap, Croutes roof and install windows and doors. Depending on the project, the house is sheathed and insulated from the outside.

The cost of developing in St. Petersburg It will depend on the features of the upcoming work. In addition to designing, you can order and interior design. Such an option will save you from further trouble on the interior decoration and the choice of decoration elements and furniture.

In this way, ordering "Insight" odd-shaped country house at the agency you get maximum benefits with minimum participation. We just need to carefully approach the selection of the house, and the rest of his routine, our specialists take over, and in the dream home will soon be ready!

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