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house in high-tech style

In the second half of the XX century, in the era of rapid scientific and technological progress and development of space, fiction works began to be translated into a movie, architecture replenished with unusual futuristic constructions, and in the design of a logical development of postmodernism has become hi-tech style. This design direction combines high functionality, straight lines and clear shapes, perfect space planning.

In mid-1990 a logical step in the development of hi-tech style, the emergence of trends in the design of environmental and biological high-tech, who are trying to design high-tech blend in with nature and coexist harmoniously with it.

Why small house in the style of hi-tech such popular?

The name "high-tech" covers various types of houses - it can be both energy-saving frame construction, one- and a two-storey building with a flat roof, which can be placed solar panels, swimming pool, etc., townhouses and modular homes.

Such housing - a challenge to the traditional construction and standardized. This approach is not for everyone, their owners - energetic and actively make a career, young people with ultra-modern outlook on life and their environment. Provocative character style, although it does not meet the requirements of the older generation, I prefer a quiet classics, It brings to small house to 100 m simple and easy, making the interior more spacious and functional, allowing harmoniously blended modern technology and intelligent systems, including "smart home", and, thereby, simplify the control of the vital functions of the house.

house design in hi-tech style

style features

expensive materials, innovative technical solutions, used in the exterior and interior, give beautiful homes special elitism and indicate membership of a particular group of people. Even without being an expert in the field of design, learn high-tech among other areas very easily on such grounds, as:

  • right angles, complex design of simple shapes, straight line;
  • the use of black and white color palette;
  • minimum decor;
  • optimal use of the entire space, maximum functionality;
  • abundance of objects made of metal, glass and plastic;
  • Maximum room lighting, decentralized spotlights, which achieves the effect of lightness and airiness space;
  • Metal ladder, withdrawn outward sewer and water pipe construction, ventilation shafts - all of them perform well and decorative function in the interior;
  • the use of hanging furniture and sanitary ware.

The main types of buildings

High-tech style often used in the construction of public facilities and commercial buildings - bridges, airports, a museum of modern art, when it is important to emphasize the shape, not the color. The play of light on the shiny metal and glass surfaces, fully compensates for the lack of decor. These buildings radiate success, dynamics and pressure.

This style is ideal for small single-storey houses 100 m2, as it involves high energy efficiency, minimum number of components in the interior, restraint in decoration and pragmatic use of all available space.

Facade in the style of hi-tech

For registration exterior use shiny glossy facade tile. If the building is situated in the countryside, the more harmoniously fit it helps finish of laminated veneer lumber. Not recommended for decoration in the form of cornices, columns and balusters, the use of ornament or floral paintings.

The landscaping around the house should prevail sown grass lawns geometric shapes, decorative green trees, without planting flowers and fruit orchards.

The interior

The color palette of the interior

Hi-tech can not boast of a riot of colors, presence of different patterns, prints and drawings. The main rule - nothing should distract from the shapes and materials. Dominated by monochromatic colors - metallic, white, the black, all shades of gray, which dilutes the pure elements of saturated colors - red, green or yellow.

Making a living

This room is a kind of business card or a face of the whole house, That it is judged on the taste of the owners, so the design of the living room should be thoroughly thought through, from the general concept to the size and arrangement of furniture, lighting, etc..

Basic principles are:

  1. Finishing of all surfaces, furniture and accessories together must be perfect geometric shapes. In the small living room to visually enlarge the space will help mirror, furniture and decorative elements with a glossy surface.
  2. The lighting system is developed at the design stage, that were hidden all cables.
  3. The floor can be laid filling or ceramic tiles, also allowed to use a laminate with an imitation stone or cold color with a glossy surface.
  4. The walls are painted in one color, veneered with decorative brick or stone.
  5. For this style is ideal presence in the living room fireplace or its imitation. Current models realistically convey the effect of fire and other design features.


This room is designed for solitude and relaxation, so the main requirement for this room - maximum functionality.

room design is based on the following guidelines:

  • The main element, from which developed the entire concept of space, a bed. It depends on the model chosen floor finish and walls, selected the rest of the furniture.

floor material finished with the same materials, as in the living room.


The ceramic tile is most often selected as a floor and wall cladding. It is practical and beautiful, Such surfaces are resistant to degradation and easy to care for them.

It is assumed the presence of high-tech home appliances with glossy surfaces, Touch panel control (usually steel color), that is the best fit in the style of hi-tech.

When choosing furniture preference is given to a transparent worktops, mirrored surfaces, chairs with plastic and metal elements.


This place is the best suited for this style. Key recommendations:

  • as decoration for the walls and floor tiles optimal use cool colors, walls to make a few shades lighter than sex;
  • plumbing better to choose unusual shapes, of course, its cost will be much higher standard, but the result is worth it;
  • suspended ceiling - the best choice, which is perfect in style and is not afraid of high humidity.

How to choose the design of a modern house

High-tech style involves the deliberate division of the house for the night, daily and economic zone.

Drawing up general site plan and competent building location taking into account the points of the compass and the climate zone will apply the necessary materials during the construction and decoration, and provide a more comfortable operation at home already during stay.

Take into account all these nuances, as well as prepare a detailed budget can only professionals, and to entrust this work the best specialists of the company INSIGHT.