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house English-style interior

A distinctive feature of British architecture serves a unique combination of rigor and aristocratic refinement. Building, built in this style, Treasured as for external elegance, and for purely practical advantages: reliability, solidity, durability. Mansions in the English style, in fact, is the construction of natural stone, having a facade, decorated with brick or plaster. They always look elegant and truly luxurious. That is why the high demand Projects in the English style houses among different population miles.


To date, every year more and more urban residents tend to move in a warm and cozy house, situated away from the big cities with their noise and eternal vanity. Especially popular are projects of houses in the English style small square.

The reason lies in the indisputable advantage of such facilities:

  • high functionality;
  • faultless performance;
  • European elegance.

From miniature English cottage and breathes comfort, pacification and special warmth.

English-style house

types of houses

English-style mansions is conventionally divided into 3 type, each of which has a number of characteristic features.

1. Houses in Tudor

These structures resemble rough rustic houses, as if descended from the pages of favorite fairy tales.

For them has such characteristic attributes:

  • the apparent asymmetry of shape;
  • steep slope and uneven edges of roof;
  • arched entrance design;
  • laying red brick;
  • the presence of large tube;
  • small dormer window;
  • pediments of various sizes on the main facade.

2. Georgianskiy

In the twenty-first century in England, the most topical trends in architecture performs this style. At its relative simplicity, looked through the solemnity and pomp.


Typical are the moments:

  • angles and strict symmetry;
  • minimum of decorative details and ornaments, or their absence;
  • input is low position;
  • evenly spaced the same size window;
  • low slope roofs, located almost on the same level with the walls;
  • the presence of half-columns and pilasters at the door.

3. Victorian style

Binding elements of this architecture are the directions of contrasting color combinations in the presence of the finish and the decorative layer.

Such style inherent:

  • asymmetry;
  • Lean on the facade gable;
  • towers of different forms;
  • bay windows;
  • spacious veranda;
  • decorative console and support;
  • presence in the home decoration ornament, lepniny, patterns.

English-style house


House in the English style has a number of characteristics, distinguishing them from the villas, relating to other architectural directions.

These include:

  • the use of natural stone or brick;
  • rigor and naturalness in the design;
  • asymmetrical exterior;
  • Obligatory presence of the colony;
  • the natural palette of colors and shades;
  • roof with a steep slope.

House in English style you can leave without finishing. Infrequently, but still, sometimes used decorative plaster. For its color fits a wide range of natural colors palette: beige, yellow, sand, brown different saturation, reddish.

mansions, designed in the English style, They have a number of indisputable advantages. Among them, excellent sound insulation in interior areas. Since their construction is combined such natural materials, like brick and natural stone, the structure itself is surprisingly resistant to temperature and moisture.

The traditional layout of small houses

English home before 100 quarter. m - option, in demand among different categories of the population.

The undeniable advantages of miniature houses are:

  • affordable cost of construction of the house and its commissioning;
  • cheapness of its service (the cost of electricity and heating);
  • laconic layout with maximum efficiency using the useful area.

Beautiful house to 100 quarter. m English style can be, as a single, and two-story.

In the second case, the central place of the first floor is the living room of the mansion. According to the accepted canons, she must be combined with a lounge and dining area. The important point is the availability of multiple windows, which is what makes this area a spacious and filled with natural light. On the first floor of a cabinet, library.

The second floor provides an arrangement of rooms, designed for sleep and rest. Bedrooms may be different (usually, 2-3), the main rule: one of them is required to be adjacent bathroom and dressing room. This is precisely the layout of the mansion in the English style is considered a classic.

Home design

The internal atmosphere of the classic English mansion is famous for a truly warm and comfortable setting. premises No1, certainly, It is living. Usually, it is quite large, but even in that case,, if this cottage 100 m2, then enlisted the help of professional designers will be able to arrange it perfectly and create an impression of spaciousness. In the living room at home, English-style, created ideal conditions for the convenience of the household and guests. Here everyone can stay in comfort and have a good time. For walls and floors often use a natural tree.

Mandatory element of interior room, taking the role of the center of the composition, acts fireplace. For its various cladding materials can be used: marble, natural wood, lime panel. Shelf above the fireplace to decorate hours, miniature figurines and sculptures, vases with flowers.