Projects of houses from a bar with a garage and an attic

Home from a bar with a garage and an attic - often occurring choices among modern families, planning the construction of individual housing. The reasons for this popularity are many. This awareness of the importance of environmental cleanliness facilities, and the adoption of the calculation of its aesthetic characteristics, harmlessness of the materials used ...

certainly, last but not least be considered and such dignity, as the financial feasibility of such a decision, phenomenal speed and simplicity of design installation, reliability and durability.

Projects of houses from a bar with a garage and an attic each year are becoming more popular not only the owners of suburban land, but also by private developers, as well as travel agencies. The stability of this trend is due to a number of indisputable advantages of timber buildings to buildings of logs, brick and aerocrete.

What is cant. types of timber

Cant is a natural environmentally friendly material, manufactured by sawing solid wood softwood. Its main advantages include natural ability to regulate humidity inside the building and maintenance of optimal, the most comfortable for the person, temperature conditions.

Beam has a square cross section and a rectangular shape, wherein the thickness and height does not exceed 10 cm. Thanks to, that the thickness of the timber is unchanged over its entire length, the process of construction of houses and finishes are greatly simplified.

home from a bar with a garage and an attic

Advantages of timber houses

  1. affordable. The construction of the mansions of the timber several times cheaper, than from all other materials, on the market today.
  2. Simple installation technology and short construction periods. team of 3-4 builders able to build a wall of the house for 2-3 of the week.
  3. Environmentally friendly. Bruce - an environmentally friendly natural material, does not adversely affect, both human health, and on the environment.
  4. The lack of need for expensive interior decoration. A feature of structures of corrugated timber, performs aesthetic appeal without further processing. Most often used for decoration Lining and blockhouse, that brings the interior a special warmth and comfort.
  5. High-quality insulation. During the winter months home from a bar no need for additional work on warming. During the summer period the walls are not heated, whereby the indoor cool and comfortable.
  6. No need for costly construction of foundation.


People, which overcome doubts about the construction of a residential house from a bar, despite a lot of obvious advantages, usually, argument is the following disadvantages of such buildings.

  1. fire risk. certainly, Any structure made of natural wood, are at increased risk of fire. However, speaking of such material, like timber, It should be noted, that such a threat is easily eliminated. For this purpose, use special refractory mixture, which include the fire retardant, and which is impregnated timber. After this treatment the wood gets resistance to fire. In this way, subject to the standard rules and fire safety norms, home from a bar as safe, like any other.
  2. Natural aging of wood, due to the influence of external factors. Variations in temperature, moisture, insects and microorganisms, of course, not the best way to display structures of timber. However, developed on modern technologies special antiseptics, allow you to completely neutralize the biological factor. Through the competent paint and varnish coatings ends, provided their total tightness, and, Consequently, preventing the penetration of moisture into the material.

home from a bar with a garage and an attic

Timber houses with attic. Features

Many people, become owners of land plots for individual construction, dream of building a house, binding member which will attic.

  • At first, the aesthetics of the facade will delight many years.
  • Secondly, similar constructive solution allows maximum use of all the useful space under the roof.
  • Thirdly, the construction of the house with a loft is much cheaper as compared to the two-story mansion with a small difference in the living area.
  • Fourth, good planning the organization of the attic space there to create a cozy bedroom, nursery, office or sitting area.
  • At the same time, these, area under the roof bevels, where you can not stand up, You can use a variety of storage locations: shelves, racking, wardrobes, chests of drawers, etc..

Garage, as a mandatory element of the construction of a modern house from a bar

Land, intended for individual construction, overwhelmingly, arranged at a distance from the central part of. it, in turn, It presupposes the existence of private vehicles for residents of country cottages, and, respectively, the need for optimal deciding storage car.

Detached garage - not always the best solution, as there are many nuances, concerning the size and configuration of the land. That is why the most popular act today Projects of houses from a bar with a garage and an attic, which make up a unitary structure.

Additional amenities of having a garage in the house act:

  • The ability to store tools and spare parts, and bicycle, sledges and other types of small vehicles.
  • Excellent conditions for performing minor repairs car, as well as for his service.
  • Proper storage under the roof of the car.

To sum, we can safely say: beam houses with garage and attic - the perfect solution for people, seeking in a short time and without the fantastic financial investment to become owners of a comfortable, spacious and eco-friendly housing.

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price: from 30 000p. time: from 10 days
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