One of the most popular choices of projects, preferred by a growing number of people every year, are wooden houses with attic. This demand is due to many advantages, including the possibility of reducing the financial cost with minimum loss of useful living space. Sloping ceiling slightly reduces the height of the walls, but to create a special comfort and coziness, thanks to a number of additional facilities.

The unique technology of the construction of houses made of wood and features of the material allows to realize the project in almost any architectural ideas and wishes of the customer, and bring them to life. The major advantage of this kind of buildings is the possibility to significantly reduce heat loss through the roof, that in the future will save a lot of money on heating homes.


Wooden houses with attic in most cases, are developed individually, that due to a number of subtleties and nuances, that the construction of this kind is different. With a special design, attic can design any shape or configuration.

One of the most important moments in the drafting of a wooden house with attic, is hydro device systems- and roof insulation. Under this condition,, no difficulties will not arise, and for finishing the inside of the attic floor: condensation will not accumulate and, respectively, no damage will occur finishing materials.

wooden house with attic


  1. Savings in the construction of the house, as the cost 1 square meter less, than in the construction of an object with two full floors.
  2. Rational use of space. Strong side with a loft of the project is, that they each square meter is involved, including all space, located under the roof is used for own needs.
  3. Reasonable land planning. Due to the appearance of free space, it can be set in motion for the construction of swimming pools, garage, arbours, barn or other farm buildings.
  4. Unlimited possibilities for the creation and implementation of the original design decisions. The geometry of the attic allows you to fit harmoniously into it interesting from the point of view of aesthetics and practicality beams and floors, a variety of niches, nontrivial openings and windows etc.
  5. Additional living space, which can be used as an office, a children's room or a cozy bedroom. Due to the fact, that skylights will penetrate much sunlight, the room will be bright and cozy.

The only problem, which is actually only apparent, – sloping ceilings.

Proper planning and arrangement of the trapezoidal zones, which can not be used fully, will provide additional storage space. very convenient, with functionality and usability point of view,, acts accommodation here bookshelves, shelves, komodov, cabinets, etc..

variety of materials

For the construction of wooden houses with attic used the following materials:

  1. Glued laminated timber - perfect, devoid of drawbacks. Due to the features of construction technology provides greater strength and reliability of the construction, without increasing the overall construction weight. Thereby, House of laminated veneer lumber immediately after the completion of construction work, ready for operation.
  2. shaped beam. Unconditional virtues buildings of this material serves simple installation and exceptional performance. Snug fit logs to each other is a guarantee reliability design. Also, thereby, achieved by increasing the thermal insulation properties of buildings. Relatively low cost of roof houses from profiled bars are another important advantage.
  3. Round logs. Luxurious appearance and unique strength was isolated from this material construction among other, made of wood. The only drawback acts need to wait a few months after the completion of the transition to the possibility of finishing works.

Construction of the attic

Currently, the construction of the attic floor is a very relevant trend. At its planning, It focuses on roof geometry. The important point in favor and additional insulation of the attic itself.

So as a result of the carried out works of heat insulation to a high standard, should be considered, that heat loss may occur not only through the roof plane, but also through the end wall. Proper distribution processes, designed to heat protection, able at times to reduce further the cost of heating the building.

Method of erection of the attic floor in wooden houses

  1. Development of the project of the attic
  2. wall insulation
  3. Waterproofing mansard construction
  4. Thermal insulation of roofs, finishing work
  5. Implementation of a ventilation system under the roof
  6. Installation of roof windows
  7. Creating a design project of the attic space.


The trend in the construction of stone houses moving away, to replace them more often come Cabins. This is due to several reasons.

  • First of all, more and more people are beginning to think seriously not just about comfort and beauty of their own homes, but also its environmental friendliness. Wooden houses and cottages are famous, that are made from environmentally friendly wood, whereby air within them always remains clean and fresh. Besides, tree is famous for the ability to maintain an optimal level of moisture, that serves the pledge to create the most comfortable conditions for adults and children living.
  • Secondly, the obvious financial advantage. The construction of a spacious wooden house costing many times cheaper, than its counterpart of bricks.
  • Thirdly, short terms of construction.
  • AND, certainly, excellent esthetic and high performance wooden housing.

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price: from 30 000p. time: from 10 days

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