Interior design of the apartment at the Opticians

Interior living room

Interior design apartments 88 m. 3bedroom apartment, kitchen, two toilets and a big corridor. Family of 4 people, husband, wife and two daughters.

nterera living room design

Design nterera living

Interior living room 20 m. Wall painting or printing, large spider chandelier and skins on the floor.

Interior Design kitchen apartment

design kitchens 14 sq.m.: countertop and apron are made of black marble, focus is designer chandelier in minimalist style. Brick wall looks modern and cozy. Glass table practical and economical. The basic design idea – This game is in black and white. Large Wall Clock.

Kitchen interior design

Interior design of the apartment on the optics kitchen

Interior design of a bathroom with WC 4 m. as done in the style of minimalism and hatyeka on the graphics the game in black and white, highlight is the inversion of the seams of the black tiles white, and the white black.

bathroom interior design