Cottage with terrace

An interesting solution terraces. House with veranda. Villa, St. Petersburg. cost of, creature, architectural project.

price: from 60 000p. time: from 10 days

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Cottage with terrace

One-storey house with garage and terrace - accessible, modern and comfortable housing!

Modern designs of private homes, whether it is single-storey or multi-storey buildings, are based on lifestyle and wishes of the future owners, to provide them with comfort and cozy accommodation.

When creating a project at home, Many expressed a desire to have a house, combined with a garage and terrace, and it is clear: garage in the house - it is an additional safety car, unlikely to take the risk to get the attackers in a garage, a plus, additional convenience for the owner of a car - no need to go from the car to the house and, conversely, of rain or snow, a terrace - the perfect place for the whole family.

If you do a good ventilation in the garage and the house, build excellent soundproofing, family members will never interfere with machine noise or the smell of oil and gasoline, so if you want to build a house together with garage - do not deny yourself the pleasure, makes life easier.

Terrace ... a small place, where you can not only relax, admire the beauty of nature, as well as to host the summer, arrange a holiday home in the open air.

especially cozy, convenient and comfortable covered terrace, but popular open - it all depends on the wishes and preferences of customers, their plans for the further use of space. Someone plans to organize a recreation area with loungers, sun beds and hammocks, but for others - a place for a summer kitchen, seats, where you can set the grill or fireplace, others are planning to put a swimming pool.

Storey house with a terrace

In most houses projects, where a terrace, access to it is designed from the kitchen, or from the living room, which is very convenient and justifiable.

Traditionally, single-storey terrace houses is located on the opposite side of the main entrance, that is, access to the yard - it is this plan relevant for 90% modern projects with terrace houses.

The outdoor terrace is in demand in the warmer regions, but also in regions with harsh conditions terrace will adorn the house, and if you make it a covered - will turn a house into a real masterpiece of architectural art.

From what we can build a one-storey house with a terrace? The choice of materials - is huge: timber, wood of all kinds, Concrete, brick, stone and glass - used alone, these materials or in combination, you can create a real palace on the site.

Today there is a trend of terraces growing popularity and this is understandable: house with a large terrace is suitable in terms of functional:

  • First of all, it is possible to organize a recreation area, there is no need to install the gazebo;
  • Secondly, terraced house looks very impressive.

Construction is supplied in most of the projects under the roof the entire house, but sometimes it build detached and equipped with its own roof.

What are the advantages of houses with terrace

Any terrace, of it was not what material would be built, there are benefits, which act indisputable arguments in favor of its construction.

  • economy

What is the cost-effectiveness? The possibility to save space, rationally use it.

  • Creation of extra living space

What could be better than family gatherings or meetings with friends in the fresh air on the terrace? If this design insulate, you can enjoy your vacation all year round and fragrant tea, even in severe frosts. Sundeck in a one-story house - functional additional room.

  • Improving the thermal insulation properties of the house

The design - a great way to protect the house from the wind, and it is a significant savings in thermal insulation. A warmed terrace - a guarantee, that even in the cold house is warm and cozy.

  • Attractive appearance with a terrace house

One of the main reasons, why projects with terrace houses as popular among customers. The house looks great, and stay in the room - a real aesthetic pleasure plus real comfort.

You dreamed about their own fairy-tale castle? One-storey house with garage and terrace can be them!



The main rule in the planning and arrangement of terraces - hand selection: Architects recommend south, very bright side, while the terrace can be used from early spring until late autumn.

Finished projects of houses with terrace and the garage - a lot, but, if you want the original housing, you can always order a custom design house with garage and terrace, where all wishes will necessarily be taken into account, preferences and tastes of the customer.

For some projects built one-storey house with a garage and terrace?

Projects of houses with garage and terrace, are divided into three groups:

  • ready standard projects;
  • individual projects;
  • combined solutions.

typical designs

Of standard design build houses with terrace and garage, most customers. These projects have been developed, presented as a finished product - all that remains of the customer - choose a favorite project, a team of builders - to implement the project, Home postroyv to plan ready.

  • Benefits standard designs:
  1. Affordable cost of the project, due to the lack of planning to carry out works spending.
  2. Easy to install at home, All you need to do - to wait for a team of experienced builders.
  3. High speed - all the ingredients are ready at home, so there will be long-term development, planning.
  4. Most customers choose standard designs of single-storey houses with terrace and garage on the basis of photo.

individual design: features

Individual planning involves the development of the structure, taking into account the preferences of the future owners wish, naturally taking into account the safety rules. individual design – a real opportunity to build a dream home, bring, create a home for themselves, create the conditions for a comfortable stay.

  • Advantages of individual design:
  1. The opportunity to put all ideas into reality;
  2. Originality and individuality of all buildings 100%;

But, build a house on an individual project requires additional costs for the development of the project, as well as the time for its implementation. Is it worth it - the customer decides!

Combined methods and their advantages

Many customers are taking to build their homes ready model project and complement its own ideas, and several developments, eventually leaves a combined project - partly original, part - standard.

Advantages of the combined method in combination of all these benefits the individual and the type of projects, plus an affordable price.

Garage in the house

Advantages of the house with a garage – numerous:

  • saving money, so there is no need to build a separate garage overhaul;
  • The built-in garage house takes much less useful area of ​​the site;
  • when planning home, possible to design a common heating system for the house and garage, which is especially important in regions with cold climates;
  • in projects of single-storey houses with garage has direct access to the garage from the house, agree that, conveniently;
  • at a regulated, garage can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as an aid - as a workshop or storage room.

And that does not miscalculate with garage, you need to determine its size accurately. First of all it is necessary to take into account, that the modern car garage should be at least 18 m2. This is the minimum, below which there is no sense to design it. That is necessary to keep all distances, recommended by experts: from

wall-to-machine should be on the left and the right - not less 70 cm, back we can restrict 20 cm. Usually such projects are provided with gates biased to the left entrance. Makes it easy to exit the car.

And on the right side of the garage can accommodate racks and shelves with tools and car parts. Standard gate size, inherent in the design of – 2,5 m, height – 1,8-2,0 m, and the height of the basement according to the norms, no less 2,2 m.

Projects of houses with garage and terrace, are distinguished by different stylistic, and the functional features, varying the area and, naturally, different cost. Therefore, each customer can choose the option, which is fully consistent with, and financial opportunities, and individual needs.