Interior of the cafe, bars and restaurants.

Interior of the cafe, bars and restaurants.

3d model, architectural visualization, architectural design, architectural project, sketch, concept, construction and repair.

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Interior of the cafe

Cafe, restaurants, bars: how to create a unique interior?

Each, who are planning to open their own cafe, restaurant or bar, for sure, He wants to create such an interior, which in the future will be recognized, it is associated with its establishment, will highlight, and possibly cause, why customers go exactly in this cafe or restaurant. If you do standard solutions, which does not stand out among the mass of such establishments, It is unlikely to be a successful business and is unlikely to become a cafe "highlight",

Create a unique interior - difficult, because it requires a financial investment, a professional designer and participation, of course, the participation of the future owner, since no one knows better than he, what should be the premise, how he wants it to be.

That's why the interested owners cafe, restaurants and bars, You must be prepared not only to invest money, not only rely on the designer's ideas, but also to submit your ideas, wherein, without forgetting the important point - the future of an institution built for some audiences. Which institution are going to implement?

This will be a bar or family restaurant, possibly, you want to build a coffee house or a cozy little cafe, and it can be anti-café? And it is necessary to, to understand, what audience you need to focus.

Building a coffeehouse

In the coffee shop, usually, No "serious" cooking here does not serve alcoholic beverages, range includes tea and coffee, Dessert, pastries and a couple of quick snacks.

And a contingent in a coffee shop would be the appropriate - couples in love, Company-girlfriends girls, mom and dad with kids. The interior should match the clientele - upholstered furniture, warm lighting, pastel shades, elegant tables, paintings of Parisian streets or vases with flowers. For registration of the coffee shop is ideal for a vintage style or fusion, after all, despite Tea and sweets, Coffee Shop is designed for an adult clientele, so it makes no sense to decorate her children's motives.

There will be a bar!

Bar - exclusively adult facility, who want to, drink and be merry.

The most active hours of the bars - evening and night, and visited their youth.

So the best interior for the bar - dark, not burdened with unnecessary details, without pathos. The posters can serve as decoration for the interior design of the restaurant bar, diode lamps, abstract paintings, in short, loft style.

The lighting can be dimmed, Yes, but the presence of strobes, disco-ball and other lighting technology - is welcome.

Great attention dining area requires the bar - a sturdy table, comfortable chairs and comfortable leather sofas will be enough.

Interior bars

I want a small family restaurant

Family restaurants, According to the designer, We should remind the children's room in a large family. Everything, that can be in the interior of the restaurant to make a soft - should be soft. Creating the interior design of the restaurant, give preference to chairs, resistant tables, bright pleasant shades. It would be nice to think about the big windows, quality interior lighting.

If you can plan your child's room in a restaurant - it would be nice: children will have fun, without disturbing others.

New season – Antikafe

New on the market of entertainment - anti-café, already it has a certain style. Despite the name, these institutions resemble a cozy living room. Consequently, interior for this kind of cafe should be cozy, house. This is a place for socializing young people, where in contrast to the bar, they are looking for an opportunity to just talk, communicate in a less "aggressive" atmosphere.

Timeless design decoration cafe - bean bags, comfortable roomy sofas with fabric upholstery, houseplants, an abundance of decorative figurines.

Create an interior anti-café is easy - there visitors should feel the warmth and comfort, like at home. Develop a functional and at the same time warm interior designers will help the company "Insight".

Pocemu Insajt '?

We will keep your ideas, We perfected and sell it to all 100%!

And, Our company provides a range of services, related to the improvement of your property, we:

  • Interior design project of the future and working documents;
  • commit supervision;
  • We leave on object for preliminary assessment work;
  • create 3d visualization format.


Raʙota kompanii Insajt ' – This unchanging rules and principles:

  • the creation of the original design to meet the requirements and wishes of the customer;
  • the creation of complex, modern models, exceeding the planned result;
  • experience and professionalism, confirmed by many years of work and customer reviews;
  • full service;
  • dialogue with the customer at each stage;
  • excellent quality at affordable prices;
  • a guarantee of quality and correcting the shortcomings in the shortest possible time.

Modern cafe interior styles, restaurant, bar

Styles and trends in design - Sea, at the peak of popularity of the cafe interior design, bar, restaurant - Classic, Provence, East style, hi-tech and minimalism, loft, Vintage and fusion, as well as a huge variety of themed designs : sea, hunting, sport, brewer, child. Consider only the most popular and sought after today. so, Meet:

style Loft

Loft. How to style appeared in the 40s of the last century. It was at this time in America creep property prices, and plot in the city center there are a lot of money. This situation forces the owners of industrial enterprises and factories to carry them outside the city or on its outskirts, freeing up warehouses and areas of industrial facilities.

All these liberated spaces were excellent functional characteristics, combined with low (compared to conventional apartments) prices for rent.

It is these facilities and chosen representatives of creative bohemians - artists, and artists, designers and stylists. Little time has passed, and such acquired the status of exclusive interiors, elite.

Huge industrial premises are used not only for housing, Here I begin to organize multi-functional centers for art workshops, place offices, exhibitions and, of course, restaurants, cafes and bars.

"Loft" is translated to English means "attic", "Apartment at the top".

What are the main characteristics of this style?

The main motto of the loft: "No stereotypes!», plus a maximum of space and fresh air and fewer barriers.

The room is divided into zones of color and light contrasts, arrangement of furniture, glass partitions or light screens. The interior can not be imagined without industrial features - brickwork, stairways, fittings, pipe, rough plaster, not blocked ventilation systems. All this is harmoniously combined with modern appliances, trendy furniture. Mirrors and ultra-lights. But, special attention - a non-standard accessories.

so, Cafe, decorated loft-style - is a room with high ceilings, bright, spacious with large windows, transmissive maximum light.

Better instead to install double-glazed windows (or leave) wooden frames, consisting of several segments.

by the way, Blinds in the interior, made in this style - do not use. Excellent replacement of them - transparent curtains or blinds.

For room illumination better to choose a chandelier hanging.

ceiling height allows you to organize the space on two levels and Bole using ladders, leading to the second floor or mezzanine.

Color solution of the loft - as much as possible to emphasize the palette urban and industrial features of the interior. What colors are best to cope with this task? Blue, metallic gray, brick. By contrast, designers offer to do in a cafe one of the walls a different color and with different finishes.

Decoration Materials, forming the basis of style - metal, glass, brick, a rock, untreated wood or imitation. In this case, the walls in the room as much as possible bare – leaving exposed concrete, brickwork, spread mosaic tiles. note, that bricklaying - still a favorite style in interior design. The floor can be laid wooden planks or tiles of large, when it is the ceiling trim - no finish.

Furniture for a cafe or restaurant, in the style loft has not only normal functional load - it is used for zoning premises. Want to pick antique furniture, and you want - ultramodern, difference, not, most importantly - the right to do accents and materials: metal, tree of light and dark shades, leather steering wheel. But, Now the tables have to be made of wood – This characteristic style.

Style atmosphere underlined posters and graffiti, signs and posters, unusual floor lamps. In the room there is a loft space mirrors, and the place can be traditional - on the walls, and traditional - on the floor or ceiling, and even forgotten in the corner of the easel and the old one posharpannomu bike.

If the size of your restaurant instead of allowing a fireplace with brick veneer and natural stone - always accommodates: fireplace becomes the dignity of your institution.

But still, never forget the feeling of measures: Still loft - not only the original space, but at the same time cozy, bright, infused with creativity and joy.

Despite, loft that appeared in the 40s 20 century, today it is rapidly gaining popularity, It is attractive style for the decoration of the cafe interior, restaurants, bars.

Recognizable features loft create an atmosphere of freedom and looseness, confident ease in the room. When choosing a loft for a restaurant or bar, future owner chooses functionality, simplicity and versatility.

Designed in the style of fusion

Again in America, but only in the 70s of the last century, there is another popular style today - fusion style. Since the advent of style and to the complete triumph of the world took some 20 years - already in the 90s fusion won all the European countries. And in our time, with the ability to mix in the interior of different directions - style has become incredibly popular.

In English the word "Fusion" (fusion) and means – "mixing", "Merger".

The interior of this style is permissible to combine a variety of materials and decorative elements, combining them into a single unit.

From the eclectic fusion of different harmonically related contrasts and these contrasts and build interior. If the eclectic style, you can use any items, the fusion - a combination of incongruous, the absence of standards, canons, It can be called the interior organized disorder, is the complete freedom of creativity and the imagination.

The main features of the style - sophisticated colors, a lot of different elements of the decor, mix and merge incongruous, lots and lots of fabric and different textures, carefully chosen lighting and sea decor.

designers say: "Fusion - an excellent taste, courage and a sense of proportion in combination ".

The decor of the restaurant or the bar, cafe in fusion style welcome skin and stone, Fabrics made from natural materials and animalistic elements of decor, for example, animal skins.

Color solution - saturated colors, sometimes even causing: turquoise, crimson, green, golden, Orange, blue. Usage and warmer shades.

Putting in fusion style - free, great, with arched openings, bright large windows, with rounded ceiling boxes and different textures to finish.

Well, eg, the walls can be painted in different colors, but one of them - a wooden or plastic panels framed.

Parquet floor is made, carpet with long pile. laminate, natural or artificial stone.

That is what is given maximum attention - it's lighting. And from mnogorozhkovyh chandeliers have to give, opting spotlights different forms - sconces, floor lamp, lamps near the floor, furniture lighting.

Furniture should be a composition of interior, although restrictions on the style and age of furniture - no, Preference is given to the functional, quality and, of course, comfortable. The easiest way to choose a classical furniture made of natural wood.

The main element of decor - different textiles and abundance of drapery. More Outdoor cushions and large sizes, emphasize the style of curtains on the windows and even doors, muslin curtains, all kinds of blankets, carpets, skins and their cousins ​​fleecy on the floor. We use textiles of different colors, but special attention is paid to

tabby. Put the emphasis on interior finishing - choose a monochromatic fabric, on the decor - we prefer bright, diaper.

Of course, without decorative elements of the interior - not the interior: decoration reflect notions of style and culture.

Feel free to use the indoor fusion paintings and framed photos, bronze sculptures, figurines, African and oriental souvenirs. Here it is permissible to combine the carved chairs classic style with a table in the high-tech style, expensive exclusive things with simple household items.

Style fusion - it is harmony in the most improbable combinations and mixing, overcoming stereotypes, attention to every detail, a sense of proportion and good taste, combined with the courage and creativity.


Хай-Тек в дизайне

Successful solutions for the decoration of modern cafe or bar - high-tech style. Cafés in this style most often located in areas with a lot of offices, somewhere in a respectable business center.

Style will help the owner create an ideal atmosphere for negotiations or business meetings in a cafe.

As fusion, high-tech, too, was born in the last century in the 60-70-ies. But, he first "run the show" in architecture, gradually moving into the interior. Что воплощает этот стиль? Он истинное воплощение функциональности пространства, строгости декора, стремления в геометричности, использования современных, высокотехнологичных материалов – стекла, пластика, металла в комбинации с серебристыми металлическими поверхностями, цветовыми решениями, холодностью, строгостью и некоей отстраненностью.

Применение в дизайне интерьера мобильных перегородок, for example, со светодиодной подсветкой, не только облегчает планировку всего помещения, но и дает дополнительные возможности для создания отдельных зон в помещении.

Декор интерьера хай-тек невозможно представить без авангардного искусства: от фотографий до инсталляций и скульптур. Задача этих предметов – придать помещению оригинальности и даже некую элитарность.

Украшают помещение металлическими конструкциями, шарами, черно-белыми фотографиями и картинами в пластиковых рамах, зеркалами без рам, блестящей фурнитурой. А завершающим, идеальным аккордом может стать аквариум с экзотическими рыбками.

Основные характеристики стиля – рациональность и прагматизм, максимальная функциональность и эргономичность.

Неплохо, если в интерьере будут открытые трубы и коммуникации, болты и скобы, различные соединения, кирпичные стены без отделки, или стилизованные под бетон или отделанные искусственным камнем, а потолочные перекрытия – из стальных балок.

Для оформления стиля используется стекло, Metal ladder, хромированные или никелированные конструкции, балки, которые придают всему помещению «промышленный» вид.

Преобладающие цвета – черный, white, all shades of gray, серебро. В качестве яркого акцента можно использовать другие оттенки. А вот зеркальные поверхности, отражающие свет, придающие интерьеру легкость, воздушность и прозрачность – обязательны.

Освещение – это встроенные неоновые, галогеновые светильники и лампы дневного света, размещенные в потолке и мебели, в нишах стен и даже в полу. Подвесные светильники допускаются и даже каскады из них. Окна оформляются горизонтальными или вертикальными жалюзи.

Строгость и лаконичность, правильные геометрические формы, практичность – эти черты распространяются и на мебель для стиля хай-тек. Yes, диваны для кафе или бара в стиле хай-тек могут быть яркими и насыщенными, но в качестве одиночного акцента в помещении. На фоне однотонных стен неярких цветов яркий диван на хромированных ножках будет смотреться очень даже эффектно.

Выбрав для оформления дизайна интерьера хай-тек, будущий владелец выбирает функциональность в сочетании с успехом и амбициозностью, мечтательность с холодным рассудком, творчество и креативность.


Винтаж в интерьере

Романтическая атмосфера прошлого, необычная изюминка интерьера кафе или ресторана, неспешное и уютное настроение заведения, могут быть созданы с помощью винтажного стиля.

С французского «vintage»переводится, как элитное вино, с большой выдержкой. Вот почему винтажными считают предметы, которым более 30-40 years old.

В винтажном интерьере не обойтись без старых вещей. But, благодаря современным технологиям, можно искусственно «состарить» любой материал. Yes, трудности с оформлением винтажного интерьера могут возникнуть, но итог несказанно порадует, ведь винтажный интерьер возвращает людей в прошедшее.

В создании интерьера в винтажном стиле нет жестких правил, необходимо придерживаться лишь основных характеристик стиля:

  • строгости и простоте линий,
  • симметричности размещения предметов мебели,
  • отсутствии элементов роскоши,
  • преобладанию светлых оттенков,
  • использовании натуральных материалов или стилизованных под натуральные (керамика, дерево, бронза, медь, латунь).

Самое главное правило – все, что используется для оформления интерьера – старое или специально состаренное.

Отделка пола, usually, из керамической плитки небольшого размера. «Елочка», «шахматка», полоски или зигзаги – все это вполне впишется в стиль.

Пол может быть оформлен паркетом или состаренной доской, а вот ламинат, ковролин или линолеум в винтажном стиле – неуместны.

Стены отделываются светлыми обоями или красками, возможен вариант с растительным или цветочным узором. Для винтажного стиля дизайнеры выбирают обои в трех вариантах:

  • с контрастными рисунками;
  • с японскими мотивами – на ярком фоне птички или цветы;
  • пастельные обои с мелким узором.

Побеленный или окрашенный потолок – идеальный вариант для винтажного интерьера, причем выравнивать потолок вовсе не обязательно, наоборот – только приветствуются трещинки и неровности.

Яркий акцент в интерьеретекстиль. Не бойтесь объемных форм – штор и занавесок с кистями и аксессуарами, хрустальных люстр и светильников с большими абажурами.

Освещение должно быть теплы и не ярким, уютным.

Выбирая мебель для интерьера винтажного кафе или ресторана, придерживайтесь правила: к однотонным стенам – замысловатую и яркую мебель, к декорированным стенам – неброская и простая мебель из натуральных материалов: древесины, железа.

И не забывайте, трещинки, потертости и царапины – это то, что нужно винтажному интерьеру. Здесь найдут себе место старинные зеркала и подсвечники, статуэтки и красивые рамки, цветочные композиции в хрустальных или металлических вазах, корзинках.

Кафе и рестораны, оформленные в винтажном стиле, приобретают все большую популярность: ведь старшое поколение они возвращают в молодость, а молодежь изучает историю по приятным мелочам.

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