The idea of ​​a flat-roofed houses

price: from 50 000p. time: from 10 days

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The idea of ​​a flat-roofed houses to 100 quarter. m: modern solution to the housing problem

Projects with a flat roof buildings - a phenomenon not mass, to a large extent their niche - the construction of an elite premium. That is why, these homes are perceived, as the original, exclusive design, stands out in the background with the same type of pitched and hipped roofs.

But, in recent years, thanks to the emergence of modern roofing materials and technologies, help protect your roof from moisture house, house with a flat roof began to increase in popularity.

As designed and built flat roofs, what is their feature, what types of flat roofs there, what are the advantages and disadvantages of flat-roofed houses - let, deal with.

Flat roof - the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of flat roofs

A natural question, in the selection and development of the project at home with a flat roof - what is its advantages?

The undoubted benefits, who will receive the owner, By establishing a flat roof, undoubtedly, relate:

  • Creative appearance. Yes, house with a flat roof - look unusual, fresh and original in our area;
  • furnished our flat roof, property owner, certainly, It makes a choice in favor of modern technologies and European fashion trends.

However, in addition to the beautiful appearance and modern European design, house with a flat roof and suggest the presence of tangible material benefits:

  • the use of the exploited roof - it really, flat roof - a flat area, on which you can build the same seating area with flower bed or lawn, or a small pool, permitting load-bearing structures. Anyway, house with a flat roof - a house, on the roof of which has a significant additional area, you can use;
  • economic benefits. As it turned out, on practice, Projects with a flat roof homes are more economical in terms of costs for engineering.

Disadvantages of flat roofs

Houses with flat roofs, like any other constructive solution, not without drawbacks:

  • Flat roof installation must be performed in strict accordance with the sealing requirements. If just a little retreat from technology, if it is allowed the slightest negligence or carelessness - the roof will leak. Repair a roof will cost "tidy" sum, and at the most pessimistic forecast - it would require a complete reconstruction;
  • accumulate on the flat roof - rainfall: snow and rain water. To operate the roof in winter, You have to clean it manually. And as soon as the snow begins to melt, roofing waterproofing will be exposed to real hard test.


Types of flat roofs

Types of flat roofs:

  • exploited;
  • unexploited.

Operated roof is more difficult to install, than unexploited, since higher requirements apply not only to its tightness, it is difficult for the composition (multiple layers).

According to the principle of the flat roofs are divided into:

  • contrails;
  • normal.


The unexploited roof waterproofing and insulation layers are, their complements the tie layer and the layer of vapor barrier. Selection of insulation thickness is carried out taking into account climatic conditions, waterproofing grade.

Name roof "unexploited" speaks for itself: it is mounted on the houses, which do not plan to use as an extra seat, only as a technical platform - to install antennas, solar collectors. Usually, unexploited roof installed on pools, hozbloky, garages and other structures.

At arrangement unexploited roofs special requirements for wear resistance or hardness to the insulation is not shown.


It is quite another thing - operated roof, where the circulation of people a profound effect on all of its "layered" cake. Naturally, It requires a very strong and wear resistant coating, best roofing material or PVC membrane, to a heater, too, attention - it must withstand not only the snow load on the 120 to 300 kilograms per square meter, but also useful 200 kilograms per square meter.

How does a plane operated roof?

Especially houses with a flat roof to 100 quarter. m, which the owners plan to use as an extra seat, as a recreational area, for example, and the structure of the roof. Such a roof composed of several constructional, hydro- and heat-insulating layers:

  • concrete roof base;
  • uklonnoobrazuyuschego layer;
  • leveling cement-sand screed;
  • film, glass-fiber reinforced - paroizolyatora (thanks to stealth, but such an important element, insulation is protected from moisture);
  • heater (it can be a foam glass, basalt wool or rigid grades of extruded polystyrene;
  • reinforced cement-sand screed;
  • double-layer waterproofing carpet;
  • geotextile;
  • cover - boards or tiles, on adjustable plastic supports.

The advantages of modern houses with flat accessible roof

It was a flat roof benefits provided to her popularity, not only in public buildings, as well as in private homes:

  1. Less is spent on building materials its installation, in contrast to the pitched roof (there is no need to build a truss system, respectively project a flat roof easier, and faster construction);
  2. flat roof modern space projects can be operated by the owners discretion, as you wish: create the turf roof, small garden, flower garden or vegetable garden, build a pool or playground. Here you can play sports on the roof, sunbathe, a romantic dinner by candlelight, yeah whatever ... modern house with a flat roof can be a boon for small plots, because often after the construction of the house is a small piece of land, which does not allow to see anything other than a fence and walls. On the roof you can put wind turbines, solar panels, make outdoor units of air conditioners.
  3. Even with the most powerful storms and winds flat roofs practically are not damaged, because the wind is nothing to "catch".

Inverted roof

In modern designs with flat roofs used inversion roofing. they differ from the usual arrangement of the waterproofing layer, which is placed under the insulation. In this embodiment, heater was necessary to waterproof, and therefore, preference is given exclusively extruded polystyrene.

in inversioonnyh roofs waterproofing layer has a longer life, because it lies on top of the layer of insulation saves it from breaking when the temperature drops from.

Flat green roof

The most original house with a green flat roof. They may be ordinary, and inversion, but the main feature of a green roof - there is a site full of flowers and herbs on your roof, where in summer the bees collect pollen, chirping birds and butterflies - word, sort of a paradise, arranged on the roof.

Plus a green roof - in the summer it serves as a thermal buffer, preventing overheating of a heater surface.

How good is the flat roof under the snow?

Many of the issues concerned: how to behave in a flat roof in winter? On pitched roofs - clear, Snow lies in fewer, than flat, but remove it from the roof, no one thinks. At home with a flat roof snow removal is also not mandatory, unless, you decided to hold it on any event. Spring snow melt itself, the main thing, to melt water does not stagnate on the roof, but left unchecked.

To do this, set the defroster funnels, to snow in the funnel, I did not "plug" for the melt water.

In practice,, service, regular check-ups Preventive roof, Cleaning the surface, funnels and troughs less costly, than service pitched roof.

On the flat surface of the roof can move freely, but on a pitched - it is unlikely to succeed, but because to clean the flat roof does not need a stepladder, no need to call the special service.

What to consider when choosing a modern design house with a flat roof

Decide to start, what you want from the future of the house with a flat roof:

  • is in fashion, now have a house - be a trend, modern and stylish – I want to just such a house;
  • terrace, equipped on my flat roof - a great opportunity to admire the surroundings;
  • flat roof - is economical in construction.

The first request to meet very simple, selecting and picking up any project on the taste intensity of his expression or laconic, bright facades or discreet, but stylish appearance - this is manifested in the design of the character of the house owner.

Solve the second problem is even easier - you can not just build a terrace on a flat roof, to admire the surroundings, but also to create their own mini-garden or flower bed.

The third task - if you want to build a house as quickly and cheaply, but not quite so cheap, design house with a flat roof to 100 quarter. m - to, what you need. After all, for the erection of the house there is no need to construct a complex structure of the roof truss, We need less insulation - and it saves time and, and money.


If you look at projects with flat roofs of houses from a practical point of view, then the actual cash costs, they are not more expensive than houses with sloping roofs and are an excellent option budget construction. With one exception: budget, but not low-grade.