Features of the projects for a young family homes

Whatever house you would like to a young family? Most answers: "Own"! But, let no joke! The main criteria for selection of the young people at home - it's efficiency, stylish appearance, comfortable layout and location. why is efficiency? Yes, because most young people do not have huge sums to buy a big house. Stylish look - well,, who should, if not young to follow the fashion trends and trends.

However, at the stage of development of the project at home for a young family it is necessary to consider not only his style, and the location of life-supporting communications - sewer, electrical, heating, air and water.

With the help of special software architects will calculate the amount of materials needed for the construction and finishing of the house.

And the price of the future home, It depends not only on materials, but also on the location - the farther from the city and the ring road, the land is cheaper, and hence the construction - cheaper.

Ideas for a young family homes

Basics home plan for a young family and his footage

direct factor, determining the price, It is the total area of ​​the house, but because a young family the architects recommended to choose the cottages with the correct layout. Not, experts do not have a view of the cuts in square meters for the sake of saving, because in the future, if a young family plans to supplement or frequent visits of friends, additional space will be a must.

As practice shows, It is the optimal size of living rooms for families with children:

  • with living room 17-20 quarter. m;
  • children of 12-14 quarter. each m;
  • parents' bedroom - from 12 to 16 quarter. m;
  • kitchen no less 12 quarter. m (by the way, the kitchen can be combined with a terrace on the first floor and living room);
    Cabinet and wardrobe for 8-10 quarter. m.

And, of course, Bathroom is not less 6-8 quarter. m, not to close and convenient to manage with kids, a spacious hall, a small guest room, meters at least 10.

So it turns out, that the minimum area of ​​a comfortable home for a young family - about 110 -120 m2 and it is just a house with a children's room.

According to statistical data, is rarely chosen by young families Individual projects houses - in most cases they can not afford, but the projects of houses for young families - enjoyed popularity, and this is understandable: they are available and tested in practice. Typical homes for young families already exploited many families, and because the potential buyers do not need to talk with their owners personally, see with their own eyes the construction, ensure the reliability and convenience of the project.

Ideas for a young family homes

Forms for youth homes, their pros and cons

Townhouses: advantages and disadvantages

It tanhaus most economical houses for young families. What is tanhaus? This complex is conveniently, modern houses with separate entrance and garage, as well as a small garden.

Benefits townhouse:

  • Of course, the main advantage – townhouse costs. It is far below the price of a city apartment.
  • Another important plus – Accommodation in environmental site. Yes, townhouse for comfort is not inferior to urban housing, little of, even superior - because of their, usually, erected outside the city. Instead of such a gas polluted air and suburb, and the birds are singing in the morning, near river, and perhaps a pond, forest or park.
  • Contain townhouse cheaper and easier, than to keep house.
  • Usually, townhouses are located closer to the city, than a cottage villages.
  • our very, not at all, a semi-detached house has a European plan, and this is another plus in the treasury of benefits.
  • In most cases, developers erecting townhouses close to convenient transport interchanges, how to get to the city is not difficult in many ways: shuttle bus, taxi, trains.

disadvantages townhouse

  • One drawback - townhouses do not have huge areas.
  • During the construction of a townhouse allocated a small plot of land from one to five acres.
  • Tanhaus essentially the same apartment, just outside the city and two-story, that is, the wall will still live neighbors.
  • But, compared with the flat, the cost of maintaining a townhouse and house maintenance - Security, garbage removal, utilities - more.
  • If you want to live apart, town house this is not possible, as the deaf fence just does not provide the concept, all that you can build around the house a low decorative fence.

Cottage: advantages and disadvantages

Compared to townhouses, Cottages are more expensive and solid structure. Usually, cottages erected on a fenced plot, area of ​​the house can range from one hundred and fifty to five hundred square meters.

Buy this type of property can be in many cottage settlements.

advantages of the cottage:

  • Comfort.
  • Choice of customized project.
  • The presence of all necessary communications.
  • All of the modern cottage settlements have developed infrastructure.
  • Accommodation in the environmental area.
  • Expenses for water connection, Gas and electricity less highly.
  • The territory is arranged well, in many cottages - landscaping.
  • economic benefits, investment. What does it mean? If the cottage owner wants to sell it, make it easier, because compared with townhouses and private homes, cottages are in great demand. Why? With the cost of land is growing every year, and, if you choose the correct settlement, after a while, previously acquired by the cottage can be profitable to sell.

Disadvantages of living in a cottage

  • According to the majority of young families, this property is not everyone can afford, and the acquisition of finished housing mene profitable, than its construction.
  • High monthly service price of cottage - protection, grounds maintenance and the village etc..
  • inconvenience, associated with the need to get into the city to work - because the cottage villages are located far from the city.

A private house: advantages and disadvantages

Many young families are thinking about moving to their own home after the birth of first child. But, This step should not be hasty, and to take such a decision must be weighed all the pros and cons. Indeed, on the one hand, private house - a comfortable, convenient and prestigious, but on the other - there are lots of problems, with which not everyone can cope. If you are not afraid of difficulties and willing to exchange the urban bustle of the surrounding silence, move - that, what you need.

The advantages of a private home:

  • You can purchase your own land, and not 3-4 weave, both in the construction or purchase of a townhouse, and six and more, depending on the financial capacity.
  • No, depending on utilities, charges for electricity, gas and land tax, and home expenses.
  • No near neighbors, in contrast to the embodiment of living in a townhouse.
  • And of course,, accommodation in eco-friendly place.

Disadvantages of a private house:

  • If the house is built in a remote location, lack of infrastructure.
  • Dimensions for a young family at home no more 100 quarter. m, and it is less, than the size of the cottage.
  • Problems with the supply of communications.
  • Distance from city.

In conclusion…

home projects for young families, embodied in the practice of professional builders, credible and interest in buying. besides, that most of the buyers - young families under the age of 35 years old, no large financial capacity, and to have in this connection to take a mortgage, or to resort to installment, Terms and Conditions - profitable.

To live in their own home, in a clean, quiet location, with nice decent young families is much nicer, than in a noisy, dusty metropolis.