Projects of single-storey houses on the slope

price: from 50 000p. time: from 10 days

Examples of works from around the world:

Home of the abovewith a slope house

Home of the above - a spectacular and unusual structure, whose windows are always opened completely ravishing views of the surrounding natural beauty. That is why more and more often people acquire plots of land on the slopes and in the mountains, to enjoy the majesty of nature.

The house is on a slope can never be built on standard projects - they do not provide the features of the future structure, do not take into account the individuality and uniqueness of each individual landscape. To solve this problem and to avoid a situation, when one part of the house foundation is 0,4 m, and in another - 1,4 m, avoid unnecessary expenditure on consumables, in particular, materials for the foundation, enough to turn into a professional company "Insight". we will fulfill design home above quality and fast, and get a unique architectural project will meet all your requirements, and the building will last for decades!

Order design house on the hill, its architecture, always possible in our company "Insight". We are working quickly: creating a project in St. Petersburg It will take a period of 10 days, but the cost of development in St. Petersburg starts from 50 000 and may include a different number of works to the project.

The steeper the slope ...

Houses on the slopes - this is an unusual and stylish facilities, that, impossible to build a typical plan. Besides, such a project can not be made on their own, even approximately - are required precise calculations Professional, which will form the basis of construction. Often, in order, that the house was for many years, I did not give a significant shrinkage, and the walls a few years of operation are not "led", It needs to conduct geological study, which will, what finishing materials are best to use for buildings - depending on the type of soil.

design concept house on a hillside excluded, if the mountain has an artificial origin, because the future building will be completely unsustainable in the present case, and lives in the house can be difficult - and even dangerous!

In our work, there are no trifles, every nuance of playing an important role. specialists, who work on the project, take into account a number of features:

  1. Slope or a mountain ravine should not be - if the slope is formed as a result of rains, floods and other natural factors, the earth will crumble further, and the structure will be unstable, require substantial expenditure for repairs.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the portion oriented, insofar as, eg, lot, "Coming" to the west, It is too hot, and the house will require large expenditures for their cooling in summer.
  3. An experienced architect will take into account the wind direction, to select the optimal location for the house, thanks to which will avoid unnecessary costs to heat buildings.
  4. It is necessary to organize access (in the mountains it is often only possible on the one hand), and calculate the communication plan, to take care of water drainage from buildings, living below, than the level of the house.
  5. When building a house it is important not to forget, to allow for minimal damage to vegetation on the slope - it helps to deal with excess moisture and prevents shattering mountains.

In addition there are many other subtleties, which also need to be considered. And our team will be able to cope with such a task!

Home of the above

How we are working?

Our specialists, architects, designers, engineers, may join the project at all stages and to perform as a full range of activities, and its individual elements, among which:

  • an analysis of the area and to create on its basis is implemented sketch;
  • create architectural visualization house - photorealistic 3D-model;
  • think about landscape design, layout of the house, create the interior design of rooms and additional buildings (garage, sauna complex, etc.);
  • calculate the features of placing electrical and other communications, etc..

Our specialists are not afraid to work in different styles, creative use architectural solutions, guarantee the excellent quality of work execution, their high speed. We monitor the construction process, leaving the facility and working with construction crews.

contact! The company "Insight" will take care of all the difficulties, related to the construction of your ideal home on the mountain! Work on the project will be a whole team of experienced craftsmen with extensive practical experience. This approach creates unique designs superior quality, unparalleled.