House with swimming pool

price: from 70 000p. time: from 15 days

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House with swimming pool

All experts in a voice say, that the urbanization process stops today, and there is the exodus of city limits, in a more environmentally friendly and scenic suburban zones and regions. However, many prefer to live in private homes, created by individual architectural projects. And the increasing popularity recruit with pool house.

Swimming pools are not so much a luxury, as needed, turn into a key plot point, a favorite place of recreation and sports for children and adults, so order the development of the project with a pool house solved not only people with high earnings, but the middle class.

The company's "Insight" offers experienced designers, architects, engineers and designers, to help you create the perfect solution, which will satisfy all your desires, help create the home of your dreams! Come to us for a truly unique architectural solutions and creative execution of the order! Creating a project in St. Petersburg (unique solutions, and do not offer a model home) It takes an average of two to three weeks, but the cost of development in St. Petersburg we have very accessible - it starts 70 000 rubles, at the same time we guarantee the highest quality of work, Through years of experience and constant practice.

Why do projects with pool house so interesting

Idea create an architectural design of the house with pool unusually good! Pool has a number of advantages in comparison with houses, where it is not:

  • the opportunity to swim at any time of the year, savings on buying a ticket in the pool;
  • the opportunity to relax at any time of the day or night;
  • shtadyashtaya, but the effective stress on the joints, which is suitable even for pregnant women, children and the elderly;
  • the opportunity to maintain health, A young and attractive;
  • underlining its wealth and high social status.

All this makes the idea of ​​a house with a swimming pool is not only a spectacular, but also effective! It is enough to turn to professionals the center "Insight", and we guarantee the highest quality of work, unique architectural solutions and project, which would not be unique in the whole of St. Petersburg!

Swimming pool at the cottage

design feature

that order the design of the house with pool, you need to think in advance the infrastructure. So, eg, Need to know, what with pool house design It requires immediate presence by his side some elements:

  • locker rooms;
  • shower;
  • developing are often saunas.

The pool can be either open, and closed, in a separate room. The last option, of course, the most simple and preferred, as will significantly simplify the structure of care.

The very same pool is not only from the cup, but also of water treatment systems, water supply, filtering, heating, water purification and disinfection, as well as removal and emergency water discharge. of course, all this should be designed by professionals - only then the pool will serve long and will not cause any problems.

concept with a swimming pool at home can have a variety of features, which are solved individually with the customer:

  • different type and size of the pool, its form;
  • Features of the structure (house can be built of timber, brick, blocks and any other elements);
  • will the pool be a single ensemble with the house, stand alone or stand;
  • We need to think about the level of underground water: building swimming pool impossible, if they are too close to the surface portion, etc..

House with swimming pool

How we are working

Our experts can be involved in the project development process at any stage and perform the entire range of works, and its individual elements, which include:

  • plot analysis, identify the possibility of building on it pool (this will require the designer to load an object);
  • preparation of construction plan, development of the project in the form of black-and-white sketch, and if desired, the customer - in the form of architectural rendering - photorealistic 3D-model;
  • if necessary, we will think over the overall layout of the pool and home communications - electricity, water supply, etc.;
  • designers help you choose the finishes and materials for the interior and exterior of the house and pool;
  • master agency "Insight" will also be able to develop the interior of the house, basin, to pick up materials for repairs, consider the layout of residential and utility rooms, develop the concept of landscape design, garage, baths and other structures, to the overall ensemble looked perfect and comfortable for tenants;
  • the design documentation, etc..

an entire team of professionals working for you, who will listen to your wishes and realize the dream, which by then will not go beyond the agreed budget!