Design of residential complexes

price: from 70 000p. time: from 15 days.

The best examples from around the world:

The design of multi-storey buildings

Residential complex - it is always a little "city within a city", miniature universe with their foundations and, of course, its unique, unlike anything appearance. But in order to create this effect was achieved conglomerate, come to the fore a high quality accomodation, comfort layout and exterior residential complex ...! He is obliged to respond to the huge number of parameters - to be stylish, unusual, to attract the attention of others, arouse interest, intrigue, to be practical, as well as combined with other urban architecture. The challenge is not the easiest - and the fan will not be able to fulfill its! However, the company's "Insight" experts cope even with this non-trivial task!

we develop Design of residential complexes completely in the shortest possible time - from 15 days! Development cost in St. Petersburg always calculated individually, but on average, creating a project in St. Petersburg starts from 70 000 rubles.

The high quality of our work - for better results

"Insight" Agency experts are ready to lead the project from the very beginning: we take care of all the difficulties, associated with the development concept residential complex, which will include:

  • thinking through the exterior of houses, choosing the most suitable architectural solutions;
  • if necessary - drawing up the planning of apartments;
  • Design input groups, corridors, interiors separate apartments (especially, if construction LCD planned to sell the apartment repairs), stairways, common balconies etc.;
  • design of commercial premises LCD;
  • thinking through landscape design, etc..

We take care of every detail, We think over all the details and nuances architectural project. Always attentive to his work, but because the only guarantee the best result, copyrighted. Order development of the design of the residential complex - means, give preference to genuine quality, which will not disappoint you for sure!

Projects of this scale are engaged in the design team, engineers, designers, which help not only to make effective design, but also to ensure that, to translate the idea into reality was not difficult!

How we are working

Development of the design concept of the residential complex - not an easy task. It includes several stages, each of which is equally important:

  1. Experienced experts analyze competitors' offerings: Design of residential complexes bound to be different, but at the same time not totally contrasted, to the visual appearance of the city remained aesthetic, to eclectic Petersburg exterior was excluded. Analysis - a step on the way to, that future LCD gained their individuality.
  2. Designers specify your wishes (design subtleties, finishing materials, budget, etc.) and prepare a project in the style, which was conceived. In this case, the project can be presented in the form of black-and-white sketch or in the form of an interactive 3D-model, realistic, like the picture. Architectural visualization thus it becomes not only clear way to evaluate the resulting project, but also an excellent advertising course! Bright model at a stage of development will attract the attention of investors and potential home buyers.
  3. Prepared working documents.
  4. The project is transferred to the customer, and if necessary finalized until, until the result can not be called perfect.

It is worth noting, that our specialists often help in the construction - make site visits, monitor the progress of work, consult, that the idea has been implemented in full.

We work only with professionals, and not only with designers, but also with engineers, designers, analysts, etc., We listen carefully to the customer's requirements, We are studying the needs of buyers of apartments in the LCD and create project, meets the requirements of practicality and aesthetics.

3 the reasons, why you're happy with the result:

  • create a design in any style, which will attract you;
  • We think not only about the aesthetics, but also about functionality, the practicality of all designs;
  • carry out the whole range of works - from the preparation of, harmonization and improvements to the drawing thumbnails LCD of permits-and 3D-visualization project.

We work in the field of design for more than 10 years old, and over the years on our account dozens of successfully implemented projects of different scales! It speaks of "Insight" as a professional of the highest level, so order the design of the residential complex we have - so get the result, exceeds your expectations!