The architecture of shopping malls

price: from 100 000p. time: from 20 days

Examples of the best works from around the world:

Today, shopping malls have long ceased to be a place, where people come to shop - is now here come with their families, companies, to relax and have a good time. That is why within the dispenser and mall food courts appear (or food courts, where you can eat and take a break from shopping, chat with friends and family), entertainment complexes with cinemas, bowling, billiards, even swimming pools, fitness centers and zoos! Shopping malls have become entertainment industry, and therefore, they need to attract the largest possible number of visitors, and architecture shopping complex It plays an important role in this, because it is a spectacular exterior of the building is the first advertising, which sees a potential buyer.

Where to order the drafting of the shopping complex in St. Petersburg

Agency Insajt ' – a team of high-level professionals, engineering team, designers, developers, marketers and other professionals, which together are able to create a project, which will be a real shdevrom! The cost of his development in St. Petersburg starts from 100 000 rubles. Creating a project in St. Petersburg It takes 15 days.

We prefer non-trivial solutions, creativity in the choice of materials and the overall structure of the style. When creating the concept of the shopping complex, we will take into account all the current trends in the field of construction and design and offer architectural project, which is not unique!

The design of the shopping complex: project, making a profit

Order design of the shopping complex better than the professionals, and that there is a reasonable explanation, because TK - is a commercial real estate, which is obliged to make a profit. Aesthetics of the exterior and interior of the complex are able to create a "city person", and in some cases become the dominant urban planning: near the TRC will, exactly mushrooms, build new housing estates, and therefore, that loyal customers will only get better!

Order development of architecture shopping complex in our studio - means, get results, surpassing expectations. We set ourselves the task to create an image of the complex, which will be easily recognizable. In this case, we can consider as a result of the project as the whole infrastructure of the complex is entirely, as well as its individual elements, among which:

  • exterior design of the complex;
  • assistance in the selection of finishing and other materials repairs building;
  • work on the floor layout and individual stores, institutions;
  • shopping mall interior development;
  • thinking through landscape design;
  • lighting work, communications;
  • outbuildings interior design, lavatories and other "ancillary" facilities;
  • preparation of working documents, etc..

As shopping malls are being built today?

Shopping complexes are individually designed, but the overall trend in creating an architectural project in St. Petersburg is still easy to trace. so, for the construction of TRC characteristic:

  • the desire for luxury in the design of the exterior and interior;
  • often becomes the basis of style "urban renaissance" or neotraditionalism;
  • Each dispenser has a central, key point, distinguishing it from other systems and which allows to orient in space, eg, fountain inside the building, Cafe, atrium, recreation area, etc.;
  • with facades hinged design used most often;
  • architecture often dispenser includes decorative glazing and a little less - the dome, are converted into additional source of natural light.

Despite the relatively high similarity in style, at architectural solutions, Our specialists guarantee an exclusive and unusual, stylish and unconventional design of the shopping complex.

Why you should give preference to the agency "Insight"?

We use the only modern materials, We follow the international trends in the field of construction and design, guarantee, that the resulting project exactly meet your budget. Our experts will help to create a unique project, which will exceed all your expectations! We will analyze the existing shopping centers, explore the city's infrastructure, its exterior, your requirements in design and layout, and only then proceed to the development of the project. If required, the designer can go to the site, and to monitor the process of doing work.

Contact - the designers prepare in a short time sketches and create architectural visualization - photorealistic 3D-model, which will clearly present future results and attract potential investors, as well as consumers, who will be looking forward to the opening of the shopping complex!

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